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Craft Group

The cornerstone of the Auxiliary since its inception.


The Hospital Auxillary started with a small group of women in 1900, who wanted to do something to raise money to improve the Hospital. They held teas and dances and sewed different items for Doctors and patients.

Fast forward 115 years and we now have Hospital Auxillary members volunteering in the gift shop, thrift store and, of course, the Craft Group.

The Craft Group has been a cornerstone of the Auxiliary since its inception.  Today there are about 25 talented crafters who work mainly at home, but meet weekly at a room in the hospital to share their work, plan new projects and pick up supplies.

The group produces items for sale, which are offered at a special Craft Sales event held twice a year (April and November) in the lobby of NRGH.   Although the monies from these sales are significant, the Group plays a vital role throughout the year by providing items on request from NRGH departments, for example Fidget Mats for Psychiatric Department, hats for the Cancer Clinic, baby items for the NICU.  They also make seasonal gifts at Easter and Christmas, for the patients hospitalized at NRGH in order to help improve the quality of their stay at the hospital.

If you would like to join the Craft Workparty, please call (250)585-0409, or email us at